Another week has flown by since I last wrote a post about us on our way to Brisbane and now I’m writing this whilst sat on the bus again, heading north to Noosa for about 3 hours whilst flying around the back of the coach again. 

Brisbane for me has been my favourite so far I would say. That’s probably because we have lived in abit of luxury for 5 of the 7 days and not out of hostels but also the city itself is very nearly perfect.. Lacking a proper beach!! Sad times.

When we arrived here after a good week in Surfers Paradise of partying.. We checked into Base Backpackers in Central Brissy… We even upgraded to a 4 bed room so we didn’t have to go with strangers. We are a 4 now by the way.. We have a new lad called Jack, 18 and from Essex, coming along with us, we have taken him under our wing and teaching him the way of the world…… Patronising much 😉 .. He asked me to write something about him so here’s your piece boy, enjoy it! 

No but this 4 bed was absolutely filth. It was the size of a shed, they somehow managed to fit in 2 bunk beds along with a dirty old air con unit, a window that does not open oh and 3 lockers… Logic? 

We thought we wouldn’t waste our time by lying in the room and went for a walk, George took a bike… We came across a beautiful lagoon and man made beach as previously mentioned in my last blog but we also discovered many new things in Brisbane.  

 After having a fresh trim.. Yes I let someone near my hair.. We decided to go out for a curry. This was all down to me, Google took me to a local Indian restaurant, 4.5 out of 5, wonderful reviews… What could go wrong? Well for starters, the ‘meat’ definitely was not Chicken, the chef went a bit salt happy and well Jack got his meal about 20 minutes after we had ours and had finished. Shocker.

Day 2.. We survived a night in the hostel, we did get dirty coughs but nothing we can’t get past. Back to the Lagoon, it was hot. We had too! Here we had a genius idea.. Australia vs New Zealand cricket test had just began in Brisbane. $35 a ticket so £17.50 (Bargain) and we got tickets for the Saturday. Something to do!

After contact with Tom and Erika (Tom being my brothers wife’s brother) at the wedding and since being in Australia, it was by pure coincidence that we would be in Brisbane on the same weekend and so it would be rude not to have a catch up as it’s always nice to see someone new and a familiar face from home! That night we headed out to a local establishment with Tom and Erika and then carried on into the night for a vodka lemonade or 10.. It was a pleasure and hope further contact will follow!  

Day 3 everything got a hell of a lot better… We had booked to move to an apartment in Brisbane off Air BnB for not much more than the cost of extra nights in that five of a hostel.. We rocked up and it was like a palace.. We even had a bath tub! 

Being the Gordon Ramsey of the house.. Sweet and sour Chicken stir fry with mixed veg and Singapore noodles was on the menu. Nailed it.. Netflix and Chill was in full flow, just what we needed!

Day 4.. Off the Gabba we went, packed lunches ready.. It was 10am we got there, took our seat in the mid on position and wow, that heat!!! It was 10am and 31C.. But this was heat I’ve never felt before, I’ve never dripped with so much sweat within minutes and it was at some points unbearable but still amazing. I had to take to investing in a vest and lots of water… We picked a good day for it too! Mitchell Johnson took a wicket with his first ball, Starc bagged a few and New Zealand were all out before lunch so then we got to see Australia bat and dominate as well.. Best of both worlds! The crowd were just as respondent, a Saturday test at The Gabba, blazing sun, locals off work.. Perfect.  

With a power nap behind us as well as 4 litres of goon, we were on the town… Well me and George had a McDonald’s and were home by 2am all tucked up that’s how good it was for us, the other two were not seen and nor were any of us on Sunday unless we would shout to each other what bet we had on! 

Day 5 -unfortunately we had to leave the apartment and move to another which was slightly more expensive but upon entry you could tell it was very new with all the mod cons and the actually apartment will be so nice.. When finished and the owners know what they are doing… A brand new kitchen that doesn’t have any plates, baking trays, pans, washing up liquid.. So basic, we picked this up with owner who wasn’t really arsed so we made do, made a mess and raised a complaint with the company and left a terrible review. Justice!  Cheeky shopping trip into Brisbane lifted the spirits, I now look like Jack. Topman model.  

With the fresh clothes set for the first appearance we headed to the pub for a drink. It was a Monday, let’s keep it casual…  

Now our final day…. The big one… What a day!! 

Australia Zoo !!! 

Now as a kid, Steve Irwin was definitely an idol of mine and I would love to watch his crocodile hunter diaries on a Saturday morning.. This zoo continues what he started. I’m not a massive fan of Zoo’s as these animals should be in the wild and not kept like this but I mean I really cannot complain when I’m stood there cuddling a koala bear in my arms or laying down chilling with a kangaroo. It was incredible and definitely one of those things you can say ‘I’ve done that’. This koala probably didn’t care it was hugging me, it definitely didn’t have a shower for the occasion but it will definitely do, so cute and soft and you would want to take him home with you! Fact of the day.. Koala’s only sleep so much because they cannot get enough energy from the eucalyptus leaves that they eat and not because they are stoned. We watch Crocodile shows, bird shows as well as a look at snakes and other specie with. A day well worth doing, perfect weather and company.  

We ended our stay in Brisbane with a trip to the local cinema to watch Paranormal Activity in 3D.. With an empty cinema and a scary film, it wasn’t the most enjoyable of experiences.. I probably wouldn’t recommend it.. It was actually very scary! 

Waking up this morning and heading to catch the next bus we managed to come across the Anzac memorial and the remembrance service at the perfect time time for the 2 minutes silence.. 11:00am. Lest we forget. 

Onwards we got tomorrow we head to Fraser Islmd which is one of the main reasons everyone makes this trip.. I can’t wait to show you all!

Lots of love x

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