Missing piece of Sydney!

Now in my last blog I ended it with letting you know that we were in Adelaide and had just arrived for a short visit but I missed out a big thing that we did before in our last night in Sydney, a significant moment of my Australia and one for the bucket list… I went to watch a comedian perform live on the main stage inside the Sydney Opera House… Now that’s not something many people can say and it was unbelievable to go inside the iconic building and watch a great performance from Adam Hills (As seen on Mock the Week and ‘The Last Leg’ on TV). The performance was under threat (literally) however as just hours before the Opera House had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat and made news all over the world and coincidentally I was in the park right next to the opera house at the time and even we were evacuated just incase!

We had a special visitor along the way.. Rhona dropped by on hour adventure and joined us and was accompanied by her travel companions also to make an evening off it! 

I thought I should put this in my blogs as it’s quite a big thing to go inside the Sydney Opera House! 


Whilst we were in Adelaide I met up with my good friend Tom Allison (previously mentioned in one of my first blogs when we visited Adelaide beforehand) and we decided to go on an adventure! 

Tom and his mates (Legends) fancied doing a road trip down to a beautiful place called ‘Second Valley’ just east of Adelaide and along the coast.. Off we went in a convoy, Tom as our driver, as we slowly began to sweat and start to question whether it was worth it we arrived a lovely secluded spot with a beach, jetty and other activities.

First thing we did was head down to the beach, put the towels down and then me and Matty decided to go on a slight adventure.. That being a massive understatement. Within 30 minutes I had climbed the steepest cliffs I had ever seen and then somehow had to get back down. Each cliff seemingly got steeper and higher and higher and at every one we just said ‘well we’ve come this far now, may as well just do the next one’ – risking it all we just went for it but the views we eventually got were unrivalled and stunning. 

Now we had to get back down.. I would say it was a 70 degrees angle going up and that’s not an exaggerating so to come down it was near impossible to walk down so we had to go old fashioned and go down on our bums it was that bad!

By the time we’d made it back and tried to get the other lads to believe that was us stood on top of that mountain we had found ourselves on the next adventure.. Snorkelling along the beach and under the jetty and rocks surrounding to scope out the wildlife. Some nice looking fish but nothing in comparison to the scuba diving I had done on the east coast! 

Next we found ourselves doing what Second Valley was renowned for.. Rock Jumping. Now it took me 30 mins of watching others to even contemplate doing it myself. The jump was about 12.5m up and you could get some serious speed on the way down, it was ridiculously daunting. 5 of us went and we all said no but with about 30-40 people there doing it it was hard to resist and as soon as Matty got in my ear and said ‘we’ll regret it if we don’t do it, never do it again’ I had to do it. Up we climb to the ledge, Matty walked up and so without even thinking about it just walked off the edge, a lot harder for me now! Matty had done it and I’d wasted time stood up there looking over the edge contemplating life.. It was seriously high!! It took me a sold 3 minutes sat on the edge and then a gentle push before I was flying down into the sea below, ridiculously quick on the way down to the point where I couldn’t stop myself from making a noise because of the speed we were going! 

Only was I then told that 3 or 4 of the people watching on the rocks were pro AFL (Aussie rules) players from Port Adelaide were there and doing it with us! They were loving it, can’t complain! 

A great shout by Tommy to take us down and a great laugh with all the boys. We celebrated it with a nice dinner tigether and a game of cards or two at the pub before we said goodbye to him and headed to bed!!
The Great Ocean Road awaited……

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