So the travelling starts again… After I just forgot about these hostel bunk beds and got used to the comfort of my own home! 

Nice and easy flight with Air India. Longest part of the journey I had a spare seat next to me so I got to stretch out and enjoy the ride. I played 6 hours of Catan (a game we played a lot in Sydney apartment) straight so made full use of my time!! 

Arrival in Bangkok and time to meet the boys.. Marcus and Matty have continued travelling around Indonesia and the Phillipines so it was good to catch up. 

My first stroll around Bangkok and onto Khao San road.. A legendary road I had heard so much about. I looked down it and I just thought it was everything I imagined and more. The difference in culture was just incredible and scenes I had never seen before – this is what travelling is all about. 

Street food stalls, lots of clothes stalls (still only just getting the hang of bartering for a cheaper price) and some other establishments! During the day you were begged to buy there clothes and then when the sun goes down the stalls go away and you are begged to enter every bar and restaurant down it! 

The city itself is huge and so many temples it would takdnyou a long time to get around them all. We took a long tail boat around the city’s canals and then went to Wat Po and took in the sites it all he to offer! A great eye opener and cultural experience.   

The night out… Can only be described by a movie .. The Hangover. It fits it perfectly and if you’ve seen that film you will basically see us. Absolutely crazy but amazing as well. We had the perfect beginning, the Thai people are mad about to the premier league and so we had Chelsea on one TV in the bar and Matty endured pain by putting himself through a villa game on the other. 

The food here is okay, I’ve been fairly common and stuck to Pad Thai which is basically just chicken and noodles.. Can’t go wrong! 

The prices are just unbelievable. I was told it was cheap but I didn’t expect this… So cheap for everything and it amazes me now how much we are forced to pay in England. 25p for a bottle of Coke here.. You’re lucky to get one for under a pound at home.  


We are currently in Phuket, we took a 14 hour night bus to get down here which was truly an experience !! 

In 2 hours we get a bus and a boat out to the legendary Phi Phi islands.. Google it and you will not be disappointed! I cannot wait and I will take lots of pictures to make you all jealous! 

Lastly, sadly I received some bad news. The wonderful Gwen has passed away and I’m gutted I’m so far away and I won’t be able to make the funeral. Just wanted to put it down here in the public view that I hope she may rest in peace and thank her for being an amazing woman which absolutely everyone adored and will truly be missed! I shall miss the Christmas Day drinks dearly. Love you. Hope the family are okay, thinking of you all. ❤️

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