Well well well.. Everything is beginning to sink in and it’s about time too! It’s 10pm the night before the big day and I think I may have finally managed to sit down with piece of mind that I may have got everything I need packed away and well if I haven’t, it’s definitely too late now.

It’s taken weeks and months of preparation.. Mostly from my Mum, in order to whip me into shape and get me everything haha! Not one for organising me but when I’m crawling along with that backpack attached to my back I think I’ll be packed for all weathers, all terrains and everything Australia has to offer.

I’m waiting with excitement but also with apprehension which I don’t think will all be bundled together until I’ve checked in and got myself on that plane tomorrow. After an emotional day with all my favourite people as well as the numerous texts from lots of people offering there best wishes, it’s safe to say I shall miss many! Many carbs were consumed at Las Iguanas with Darcy and then went for Food with my parents. A quick visit with flowers to a special person no longer with me but a day full of laughs. 

I’ve never flown long haul so a small 23 hour flight should be an absolute breeze but by the time I get an Australian Sim Card (New number also – so won’t be contactable on the one ending 533) I’ll be all set up in Sydney and writing to you all to say hello and let people know how it is.

I wait in joyous anticipation!! Xx 


7 thoughts on “Preparation..

  1. Hi Ash

    I’m not saying goodbye but best wishes
    Sitting here in the airport with your mum and dad and the others, we are all excited for the three of you
    Love to Joss and My lovely son George
    Take care of each other
    Your dad says spend the money on accomodation and not booze, but my advise is up the booze and you won’t recognise the accomodation
    Have fun and get a few zzz’s on the plan
    Love from Rhona xxx


  2. I see you made use of the gifts we gave ya …have a safe journey and it’s a long ass journey with joss haha and you can’t even get away good luck lol

    Chan x


  3. Hi Ash glad you and the boys have got there safely. Fingers crossed Joss’s stuff will be with you soon. Very exciting adventure ahead of you. Enjoy! love aunty sue xx


  4. Hi Ash
    Sorry to hear that Joss had to wait for his luggage to follow! At least you can have your boxer shorts back now!!
    I hope you are all ok and not too traumatised by the events of the journey!
    Keep safe and hydrated! And I mean the H2O fluid
    Have fun. Love to the 3 amigos xxx From Rhona xx


  5. Hi Ash

    Hope you are feeling better after your full on week
    Just think planes, booze, boats , sun and now I see you cuddling Kangaroos!
    All good stuff
    Have a good journey to Adelaeide ( prob spelt that wrong) but safe trip
    I don’t know about the three musketeers, they would be jealous, happy adventures and give the others a big kiss from me
    Love Rhona

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