We made it… Just about!

I have never travelled long haul before… And now I know why but we have safely made it to the other side in one piece… Well missing Joss’ backpack but who needs a rucksack full of clothes when travelling!!! 

After some emotional goodbyes at Heathrow when the Mums (& my dad) gave us a wave off we walked through security to start the trip of a lifetime.

It all started well, we got seats together on the plane, convenient for all purposes and a nice set up of TV and music. We did however have a screaming child to the left of us and 2 young kids say directly behind us to keep us nice and awake all journey. We got 4 hours in and the sudden realisation was that we still had 9 hours left to go… AND another 8 hour connecting flight. It was brutal, the films on display were old school and anytime I got remotely close to nodding off for some sleep I’d find myself twitch and wake up. I managed to get some nice photos taken from the window and have attached them.. 

Upon arriving at Sydney and flying through security we thought our trip had got off to a flyer. I picked up my bag with George from the carousel but no sign of joss’ haha! He was then told it was stuck in Kualar Lumper and they hope to send it across by tomorrow… We shall see!

Our first Ozzy meal at 10pm consisted of a chicken kebab and a hamburger. Then onto our first night out in Sydney with Joss wearing my tight fitted shirt, shorts and boxers.. It was only a quiet one but it’s safe to say Sydney is expensive!!! It’s sinking in now that we live on the other side of the world but it’s something new for all.. Living the dream!!

Further updates to follow. Maybe joss will have some clothes!! Xx 


One thought on “We made it… Just about!

  1. Hi Ash pleased to see you have all arrived safely tell joss we hope his backpack turns up, change for it to be his and not yours mislaid. Love the pics. love nan and grandad


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