Whitsundays.. The best place on earth!

Now in my last blog we went on an amazing adventure over to Fraser Island, one which I claimed it was indescribable… Well it’s been outdone already. I have a new favourite place in Australia and I have now have a new set of memories to take the title of ‘best time of my life’!! Whitsundays has given me this and I can honestly say it’s heaven.

  Whilst leaving Noosa and heading to a Airlie Beach and further up the coast, we had lots of time to relax and chill out, potentially too much but we knew the Whitsundays Island tour that everybody raves about was awaiting us. 

All aboard the Atlantic Clipper – the legendary ‘party’ boat that we had heard so much about.. 3 days out at sea, not a cloud in the sky, goon everywhere and a boat full of new and interesting people to get to know and befriend from all over the world.. I’m off to Toronto and Ohio next summer apparently!! 

 Imagine paradise, imagine opening up a travel magazine with a picture of a place you don’t believe can even exist it’s so nice .. And then you have Whitsundays Islands! 74 small islands make up this beauty and we were off to explore.  

  The first day was all about dropping the anchor and everyone getting to know each other, jumping off big slides off the sides of the boat and taking in everything that has to offer. As we cruised along basking in the sun we knew we were on to a winner.. The sun dropped and we did what we did best.. Party! 55 people from all over the world getting involved and having a good time.. Getting to sleep at 2:30am wasn’t great when we were up at 7am but definitely worth it..

Day 2..

Now I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this day justice by putting words on a screen, I would only be able to tell / show you how amazing this day was and by far the best day I’ve had in Australia if not my life! 

Up we got and off we went to the paradise that Whitehaven Beach… Just wow. It is a fact that this is the purest sand (whitest) in the world and I have never been in sea so clear and blue for miles and miles. Pictures look incredible but just being there was genuinely breathtaking and something I’ll never forget. We swam, chilled, took pictures with the group and listened to a solid amount of Justin Bieber! However, we weren’t alone.. It is imperative that you wear ‘stinger suits’ before entering the sea up the coast in Queensland.. Sting rays and blue jelly fish are the norm, we were also joined at the shore by baby lemon sharks which was pretty cool.  There teeth at the back of their mouths and so don’t hurt but none came within touching distance anyway! Myself Jack and George went on a picturesque walk to some rocks on the beach and took some photos so here are some..








As we walked back to get on our boat, everyone knew what an amazing place we had just been too and it was more out of disbelief that it was so beautiful and beyond all expectations.

Next up was truly the best activity that I have done in Australia to date .. Scuba Diving. Now everybody related the Great Barrier Reef to Cairns (further north) however it actually spans over 2000km and Whitsundays is a part of this and so technically myself and Joss have done the GBR. First time as a diver was cool anyeay, all the gear, hand signals etc but when we went down it was a whole new life.. Swimming through, underneath and around hundreds of fish in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that got me was how close we were, everything was HD, I could see details on the fish that close like them moving their eyes it just blew my mind. As it was an intro dive (we aren’t qualified) we only went down about 7 metres but still enough to make the ears pop! We did somersaults, explored the coral, saw fishes so abnormal you wouldn’t believe these exist in our waters.. Just incredible, me and Joss often found ourselves looking at each other and shaking our heads in a way to say wow, unbelievable. Definitely found myself a new hobby!!  


After this we took the afternoon chilling, with hot tubs on board and a huge slide into the ocean we had plenty of entertainment as well as snorkelling which I’ve got some great pictures of on my underwater camera!! Cannot wait to see the outcome of them.. 

Down came the sun and out came a full moon and we went into the night to celebrate. Games and a bit of fancy dress was on the agenda .. Only one picture of me and Jack exists… How beautiful !  

The next day consisted of pure chilling, a bit of history regarding the islands and lots of casualties – our phones. Joss’ completely smashed as has jacks, George has a crack and mine must have sand in as it constantly wants to turn off .. How frustrating! 

Lastly we had a ‘after party’ which meant we could spend one last night with our new found friends many of whom we have arranged to meet in Sydney over Christmas!! It got messy and when we had a 4:30am train to catch it was good fun to enjoy our last hours in style. Here’s the only photo I have from this night!

Now we are currently on Magnetic Island enjoying the tranquil views which we are currently viewing through a rented baby pink barbie topless car… Only 2 more days until we reach our final destination of CAIRNS on our East Coast adventure.  



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