Last stop.. Cairns! 

Well well well, after all the excitement and fun that was had on Whitsundays, the East Coast tour continued but the standard is still as high as ever… 

I’m not going to turn around and say that something has bettered Whitsundays already because it hasn’t but still plenty of activities to come!! 

After reluctantly leaving Airlie Beach, we got on a train and headed to Magnetic Island… I briefly explained how we have rented a Barbie car but I did not really do it justice. 

These beasts got us all around the island for a day and enabled us to explore places impossible by foot. As we went all pink, we were the attraction of the island and soon somehow got roped into following two ladies to a viewpoint just so they could have a photo with our car for their Facebook album! 

We trekked up what I would call a mountain as I was feeling very nauseas by the time we reached the top! Up there was a viewpoint created by the US Army to look out for Japanese war planes soon after the Pearl Harbor bombings. These views on the island gave 360 views and a heads up for mainland Australia of incoming threats.  

After this we continued to drive around the island, seeing what it had to offer and enjoying some freedom behind a wheel that we have severely lacked! After ‘Boozy Bingo’ in the evening to which George enjoyed, possibly too much.. We had a 6am wake up to catch a ferry back to mainland Australia. From then on we briefly parted ways. Myself and George decided to take a trip to Tully, a local aboriginal town on the East Coast to try something new and different, Joss continued onto Cairns a night early..

Tully is a very backward Australian town, very much behind the times in the way that all the buildings and decor is old school. 12 of us took a trip to a local river in 2 cars.. Now I’m no mathematician but that does not fit.. In the boot I went! Australians are so casual and laid back it’s great, definitely a life that allow them to be free spirits and take things as it comes. 

At this river, locally named ‘Aligators Nest’ we would clamber upstream and climb some rocks to see some nice views, all we needed was a steep waterfall! Me and George embraced the opportunity to have a photo shoot upon our return..  

That was enough excitement for one day.. We played a game of pool with new found friends and had a quiet night before the trip onto Cairns! 

Now we are currently in Cairns, not the best hostel in the world by any stretch of the imagination but here we will be active and thrill seekers… So on Tuesday we will be throwing ourselves out of a plane from 14000ft and landing on Mission Beach – why not? 

First up however was the Great Barrier Reef.. An icon and ambassador across the world for Australia. We had the opportunity first hand to snorkel it but I took the plunge and financial hit to get up close and personal and Scuba Dive two reefs because well I probably will never get this opportunity again in my life and a few pound signs shouldn’t stop me from creating memories forever… In I went.. Scuba diving is definitely my new fix, people won’t understand what we have living down there in the ocean, it’s truly spectacular. All the films, documentaries and movies that make it out to be so colourful, maybe too colourful to believe but it’s truly insane. Never have I ever seen so many colours of fish, reef, coral. I can’t say how surreal it seems looking through my goggles and seeing what I saw, it’s a whole new world! 

The money winner is obviously seeing nemo and that’s exactly what we did.  

I went on to hold a sea cucumber and place a Christmas hat on as well for the festive celebrations but my favourite part of the whole experience was that throughout the dive we had a huge fish, locally called ‘Wally’ who would follow us around and get up close and personal. I kid you not, all we had to do was put out hand up in the air and he would swim over and you could play with his lips, rub his cheeks, pat him and he absolutely loved it. What fish does that!? Normally they swim away and don’t let anyone near them but this one willingly came over for attention and it was probably the size of a TV it was so big. I do have photos of him but it’s on my GoPro which I cannot download.. This is the best I can show you by taking a pic of a pic..  

Absolutely amazing and definitely an unforgettable experience! One to tell the grandkids at least and I can definitely say that I’ve now dived on the Great Barrier Reef! Buzzing!

Moving forward we have the skydive booked and a few other excursions planned before we had back to Sydney for Christmas and New Year with our good friends Matty and Poulter. Going to be so strange and different spending this period of time away from home without all the usual comforts and loved ones. It’s been 9 weeks now in Australia and it’s been very difficult in many ways, it’s been the best and worst thing I’ve ever done but one that never fails to surprise me every day.. I’ll only ever get this one chance to do this and I have to do it for myself ! 

Lots of love to all xx

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