Scenes in Sydney..

Words really won’t be able to justify how good Sydney is and what a great time we are having so far, but I’ll give you an insight into our new lives.. One which I am becoming accustomed to! 

Despite all the dramas that met us at Sydney Airport on Friday (seems an absolute eternity ago now), everything so far has gone swimmingly. Whilst lying here in Room 306 of Wake Up hostel, people come and go on the daily yet the atmosphere doesn’t change. We are all in the same boat now, away from loved ones and thinking of home but it’s just incredible that we are the other side of the world, polar opposites in terms of the time zones and the lifestyle is a complete change. Certain sayings and phrases are creeping into sentences, not just Australian either.. We’re travelling around around with groups of Scottish lasses, Welsh, Dutch, Belgian buns.. The lot! 

Gap 360

We have now met our group which we spend the first week with and had a night out last night which can only be described in one word…. Carnage. Pre drinks of $40 Smirnoff Vodka and Sprite.. The definition of ballin’ on a budget. Things never change however, ring of fire came out, I drank a bit, George got soppy, Joss got confused and we all had a banter tiff as I’m still adamant that ‘Foot’ rhymes with ‘Nut’. Everyone is welcoming, friendly and happy but the traveller life was summed up perfectly last night when me and George accidentally held people up on the stairs.. Being the nice young men we are, we apologised to which the response was incredible from a complete stranger girl.. ‘Don’t apologise, lets go get drunk, what are you drinking??’ The generous offer was taken up and we soon proceeded to have multiple vodka lemonades mixed with an occasionally shot of whiskey.. Carnage. Since all awkward introductions are now out of the way, everyone talks and gets along with everyone.. They probably don’t like us as we seem to way to happy and outgoing.. Constant jokes.. Our 3 reps turned to us and in the nicest possible way said we are ‘the jokers of the pack’ but we get the people going!!

Day trips… 

The heat. Unbelievable. On the first day.. Just a casual trip to Palm Beach (the setting from an Ozzy classic – Home and Away, I’ve barely watched it either) with a couple of people from the group.. What we thought would be a nice trip descended into a 1hr 40m journey in the heat on a sweaty bus with a group of Ozzy lads celebrating the fact it was a long bank holiday weekend. One winner was that it was only $2.50 (£1.25) for a return, Sunday public transport is that price everywhere… Every traveller makes full use! We now have Australian mobile numbers and probably best contact on Whatsapp – m.i.n.e is ‭+61 415 128 736‬. 

 The city of Sydney…

Sydney is awesome, however very strict! It has everything you want, need, could wish for but it definitely comes at a price equivalent to living in London. The cost also comes however at living in a place full of travellers interacting with everyone. Walking around the streets you are to find something iconic or new on each corner. Whether it be the opera house, darling harbour, botanical gardens or a classic back home- a woolworths!! 

Visiting the harbour and the opera house can only be described a surreal. It doesn’t even do anything but it’s one of those things that you can’t get enough of. Having a cheeky beverage at the Opera House outdoor bar whilst looking out onto the harbour, that really hit home with what we are doing! I personally won’t be entering to watch any opera but it’s worth a view and one my selfie stick relished!! Yesterday it was 37C in Sydney, the perfect day for us to go on a boat party/cruise along the harbour, anchor down and jumping of the boat roof into the sea. Only a few JellyFish were seen to which the instructors just shrugged it off with a casual ‘ahh those ones won’t kill you it’s fine’ cheers!! That day was absolutely amazing.. What more could we want than sun, sea, views, music, beer…at this point me and George had cursed each other about how we should of dragged ourselves to the gym once in a while or laid off the McDonald’s, Joss however was in his element. I personally jumped into the sea and swam to a nearby (felt like a mile) beach which can only be described as something you seen in a travel magazine. The blue water, golden untouched sands as it was not accessible via land and overhanging trees.. Felt like I was on shipwrecked.

Few added extras..

The government will do anything to condone alcohol.. The prices are extortionate for a reason but even trying to find a place to buy it is a task in itself. No off-licenses are allowed to sell it.. Only designated ‘Bottle shops’ or ‘Mr Liquors’.. No shots after 12:00pm, no doubles after 12:00pm, no more than 4 drinks brought at once.. No entry to anywhere after 1:30pm. Crazy! 

After an incident that occurred Sunday night/Monday morning for us back home.. Think we can say we are a tight bunch ❤️ – bromance was in full force to be there for George and thankfully all is now okay. 

Currently sat on a coach on a 3 hour coach trip to a Beach Camp to do some sand boarding, dune buggying, hikes and much more as well as a beach party at night obviously. We return on Friday so not sure if we will have Internet and my Internet usage is getting up abit! 

Get ready for the photos and updates.. Try not to be too jealous! 

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