Beach camp…

Wednesday 07/10/2015 – absolutely terrible start to my morning, an absolute nightmare in fact which I am gutted about (for the record – should a certain someone read this) but the bromance continues and so off we went on a 3 hour coach journey north of Sydney to a place called Port Stephens… Not knowing what to expect we got settled into our cabins and had a talk with the camp owner. Michelle took time to explain to us how she houses (willingly) a number of ‘pets’ which thrilled us all. From red belly snakes, huntsman spiders, possums that were absolutely everywhere and a local Kangeroo called Josie who actually opts to just stay at her camp and has done now for 11 years. 

With the thought of being bitten by a snake or spider or even scratched to death by a Possum, we embarked on a number of activities to get us going. 

The first night entailed of going down to the local beach in darkness, drinking, looking at the stars and getting to know the group even better. Team bonding was definitely on the agenda. With a lack of wifi/ signal, everyone sat down for a customary game of ‘I have never…’ to which the main aim of the game is to stitch as many people up as possible. Safe to say Joss went home drunk.  

Up bright and very early (7am) the next morning we took a short trip to the local sand dunes in our 4 wheel drive trucks. Now I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying these dunes were atleast 15/20m High and very steep especially when only going down on a small plank of wood. Obviously we threw ourselves in at the deep ends, went to the summit, chucked ourselves down and hoped for the best. Surprisingly, we survived. So we took it up that extra notch and went down head first.. Why not?? We still survived. The next time however some bright spark decided a centipede of me, Joss and George would be a good idea. It was all going well until landing, george piled into Joss but thankfully only some minor scrapes occurred. Next activity… Off onto a beach which is specifically banned to any swimming for the public. The waters infested with thousands of Whales (we managed a glimpse of a jumping Whale) and Sharks that are hungry for food!  

Up next was a hike up a mountain, well it definitely felt like a mountain. Forgotten the name of it but it was definitely big and it took all energy out of me but was definitely worth the view from the top was just a shame it was a cloudy overcast day but hey you can’t have it all !!

We soon went back to chill with Josie the Kangaroo – who is unbelievably friendly, poses for everything and definitely loves a cuddle but I can’t imagine all are going to be like that so we’ll continue to approach with caution. We had a BBQ.. At the time it looked like an absolute worldie dinner, the aftermath however was pure carnage. George jumped out of his bunk at 2am to just about make it to the balcony to bring it all back.. That soon set me off and I followed multiple times.. If I’m being honest, that Friday I don’t think I’ve ever had such a struggle in all my life.  

Last but by no means least, Friday morning we went out on a dolphin and whale cruise- despite the freezing temperatures in and out of the sea, the dreadful feeling in my stomach – myself, Joss and 2 German lads took the plunge into the ocean in order to get up close and personal with a set of dolphins swimming alongside the boat. We got within 5 metres of them (they are wild remember – none of this cruel Seaworld malarkey) and was able to atleast say we got close! A proper yolo moment if you’ve ever seen one.. But that’s what we’re here for!


A quiet night was very much needed on Friday night, time to relax, struggle, think, reminisce, reflect and get angry with myself for certain actions but all with a ‘Netflix and Chill’ with George whilst Joss continued on his way around Sydney being Jack the Lad. 

Waking up refreshed and raring to go, with a sunny Sydney on our doorstep, what better way than to go to the beach. Coogee Beach.. Just wow. As of December 14th that will be right on our doorstep for our apartment at Christmas and we really cannot wait!! The tans were topped up and we were back on our way to full fitness. 

Hope you’ve not been made too jealous… Hope all family, friends, work are okay.. I am trying to minimise all posts on social media to ensure I don’t bore you all. 

Lots of love! 

3 thoughts on “Beach camp…

  1. High Ashley, your Gran asked me to check out your blog, I see you seem to be having a Great time so far, Gran says you may call in, if you come to Phillip Island. I also think she wants me to check and make sure that you don’t do anything silly while you are here – like get engaged or even worse, married. just kiddin.


    1. Haha good to hear from you! Having a fabulous time so far. Not sure what the plan is at the moment – we may be heading up the East Coast for the next 8 weeks then back to Sydney for Xmas. Melbourne likely to be in the new year! X


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