Blue mountains..

Now after a great week with the Ultimate Oz group, making friends and meeting new people.. It all sadly had to come to an end but I’m certain we will all stay in contact and meet again – Sydney for Christmas and New Year the likely destination.

Away from the group we decided to take our reps advice and book onto a day trip up to the Blue Mountains. What a decision – Liz even came with us because it’s that good. 79 bucks so about £40 but worth every single penny for views that are out of this world. It’s the stuff you see on TV but can’t envisage seeing it in reality..  

The Blue Mountains is the most visited attraction in the whole of Australia – beating Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef – a fact I couldn’t quite believe but you realise why when you are there. Thousands and thousands of miles of trees and mountains, all untouched and preserved by the Australian Government as a national heritage and the rewards are incredible. 

We started the day at 7:30am pick up, it was a struggle but as soon as our guide for the day jumped out the van, we knew it was going to be a great day. Adam or ‘Adzy’ as he liked to be called was going to become one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. A typical Australian, chilled, laid back, free spirit and just hilarious. Even at that time of the morning we were on to a winner. He however was no typical tour guide, he knew this ground like the back of his hand and took us to spots of the beaten track that the commercial tours wouldn’t take you on so we got a full outlook on everything. 

Through the day we hiked to waterfalls that you dream off, up and down mountains, went to a cultural centre and had a go at / failed to play the Didgeridoo (a lot harder than it looks may I add), went to the ‘Three Sisters’ which in itself is a sight to behold. At that site we took the worlds steepest train at a 64 degrees angle, cable carts and glass floor monorails over a rainforest. Not your average day!!

All round, a real touristy day so no pranks or antics to fill you all in with (Booo) but a proper backpacker day exploring what Australia really has to offer!! 

We’ve now head over to Adelaide for 6 days and as I write this we’ve done a full shop and are looking forward to a week of pure detox, relaxing, beaching and tanning.. Plans may be changing for the future but we shall see. To go to the East Coast now or campervan drive to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road – such a hard predicament we find ourselves in. Haha

Social media keeps us updated with everything going on back home – some very interesting I must say. Missing many people!

Some photos for you…


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