It’s only been 2 weeks!?

Now we’ve been here for 2 weeks now yet it genuinely feels like it’s been months already. I don’t know if that’s a complaint or if that’s a positive because we’re having a good time- my bank balance is definitely not liking it! Within such a short period of time, so much has changed already in all 3 of our lives for better or for worse and so within 6-12 months or however long we decide we are going to stay then I can imagine everything will be so different here and at home.
I’ve been lucky in one sense that I’ve had contact with family, the occasional FaceTime to check up on them and fill them in with things we have been doing here. As we speak I have a couple of emails from Mother and Nan – Nan has actually said this blog is only an 8 out of 10 – it’s definitely a 10. In another sense, some contact has died out for differing reasons and we are only two weeks in, which is a shame but who knows. Time will tell! 

George gets in his Skype with his Gran every few days “Gran pull the screen down, I can only see your forehead…. That’s it!!” Haha – he’s also got his daily contact with the wife back home – big shoutout to Sharnna, he’s in safe hands with me – definitely not Joss.

As we are now in Adelaide for this week, in our own cute little home, it’s the total opposite to how we spent our first 10 days in Sydney. Here we get to lie in bed til whenever, go to the shop and buy loaves of bread and food and be able to cook it in our own kitchen .. Sydney everything was fast food and eating out. Sadly Hostels aren’t equipped with the tools to lead a healthy or budgeted lifestyle! We’ve called this a detox week, no alcohol has been brought, we make our own food so we try and make it as healthy as possible. 

Omelettes for breakfast, then we make ham salad rolls to take down the beach and then we’ve come back to Chicken with Wedges and Salad and also Burgers with wedges and salad.Our full weekly shop came to about $140 so around £70 – can’t complain when eating out every meal in Sydney would cost us a good £10. 

I’ll stop boring you with the food talk – I’ve read it back and it’s pretty pointless putting it in my blog but I can’t be arsed to remove it!! 

Now having time to ourselves here in Adelaide, It’s very much a time to reflect but also look forward to things to come. Safe to say ‘your mind can be your own worst enemy’ if you overthink however! We can just come sit in our back garden and not be bothered by anything – it’s fantastic. Think right now I need to be busy and occupied – or I just need a pep talk from my Bessie Chan from work! Haha

 What’s next….

Well this is the decision. It looks as though we are scrapping all plans we had before and heading up the East Coast whilst the weather will be in its prime so we can take in the views of places such as the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island whilst there is not a cloud in the sky and then we must be back in Sydney by 14th December to get into our Apartment at Christmas!! After that we do not know, we will have done lots of what Eastern Australia has to offer and so it may be heading over West to Perth and up over to Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and home – but then again our plans could change daily knowing us and what we’ve done so far!! 

I’ll leave this with some photos from our last few nights in Sydney that are emerging from our Friends cameras….
Lots of Love x



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