Blue mountains..

Now after a great week with the Ultimate Oz group, making friends and meeting new people.. It all sadly had to come to an end but I’m certain we will all stay in contact and meet again – Sydney for Christmas and New Year the likely destination. Away from the group we decided to take … More Blue mountains..

Beach camp…

Wednesday 07/10/2015 – absolutely terrible start to my morning, an absolute nightmare in fact which I am gutted about (for the record – should a certain someone read this) but the bromance continues and so off we went on a 3 hour coach journey north of Sydney to a place called Port Stephens… Not knowing … More Beach camp…

Scenes in Sydney..

Words really won’t be able to justify how good Sydney is and what a great time we are having so far, but I’ll give you an insight into our new lives.. One which I am becoming accustomed to!  Despite all the dramas that met us at Sydney Airport on Friday (seems an absolute eternity ago … More Scenes in Sydney..


Well well well.. Everything is beginning to sink in and it’s about time too! It’s 10pm the night before the big day and I think I may have finally managed to sit down with piece of mind that I may have got everything I need packed away and well if I haven’t, it’s definitely too … More Preparation..